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Has your right hand been itching, giving you a strange feeling that something is about to happen?

An itchy hand can happen for several reasons. Still, somehow, if our right hand is the one itching, we immediately think of superstitions related to it.

There are many superstitious interpretations of an itchy right hand, ranging from receiving unexpected money to experiencing sudden misfortune.

Interpretations can vary across cultures, and in some superstitions, an itchy right hand can mean good or bad luck, depending on the gender of the person.

Here are some superstitious interpretations of an itchy right hand and tips on adequately scratching it to bring more luck into your life.

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You Will Receive Some Money Sometime Soon

That itching sensation could mean that you will receive money soon. This belief is common among many cultures that associate an itchy right palm with good luck and wealth.

Additionally, the right hand is symbolically our receiving hand and is often associated with good fortune.

The money you will soon receive could either be a salary raise in your job or getting back borrowed money. Although it does not necessarily mention how much money you will receive, some people take it as a sign to purchase a lottery ticket or financially invest in a new venture.

Meanwhile, an itchy left hand can mean that you will lose money. If this happens, consider it a sign to refrain from unnecessary spending.

You Will Lose Some Money

In some cultures, an itchy right hand can also mean you’ll soon lose some money. However, this could either be a good thing or a bad thing.

In some contexts, an itchy right hand means you’ll struggle financially or soon make a bad financial decision.

This superstition tells you that you will lose money frivolously whenever your right hand itches, like losing money on gambling, selling, or unnecessary expenditures. However, this is something every person must do to avoid struggling financially.

Meanwhile, “losing money” could also be a good thing, like how your money leaves your wallet whenever you invest. Therefore, it is likely that your money will come around again.

You Will Meet a New Person in Your Life

Another interpretation of an itchy right hand is that you are bound to meet someone new in your life, and this new person in your life could either be a friend or a lover.

Typically, the right hand is used for shaking hands, and so an itch here signifies you will be shaking hands with a stranger, and the two of you will become good friends.

Sometimes, the itch means you will reunite with an old friend or acquaintance after a long time.

It could also mean someone is visiting you, so you might as well take it as a sign to pick up a broom and clean the house.

You Need to Make a Difficult Decision

Aside from money and meeting new people, an itchy right hand can also be a sign that you need to make a difficult decision in life because the right hand is associated with decisiveness.

Maybe you have wanted to leave your job or relationship for a while now and start something new. If you’re currently at a crossroads in your life, step forward and make your decision.

This takes courage because there is always the fear of failure after making an important life decision. However, this new beginning provides new opportunities for you to live a more fulfilling life.

You Will Win a Fight

In some cultures, if your right hand is itching, it means you have the upper hand in a specific situation. This means that you can overcome whatever challenge you are currently facing triumphantly.

Meanwhile, if your left hand is itching, it can mean the opposite, and you may lose your present battle. Therefore, it is best to avoid conflicts as they may not turn out in your favor.

What to Do When My Right Hand is Itching?

Resist the Urge to Scratch It

No matter how much your right hand itches, try to avoid scratching it. Some superstitions discourage a person from scratching the right hand when it itches, as it can cause bad luck, and suggest holding off for an extended period to increase your luck.

Although generally speaking, you must try to resist the urge to scratch any itch in the body as it can cause damage to your skin.

Avoid Frivolous Spending

Since an itching right hand could either mean good or bad luck, the best thing to do is avoid unnecessary spending and other activities where you risk losing your money.

Avoid gambling or any shady investment to lower the risk of struggling financially.

Scratch Your Palm on a Wood

Knocking on wood is done for good luck, and it can be the same for when your hand is itching. If you want to counter the bad omen brought by your itching right hand, then you must rub it on a wooden surface (bookshelf or a table).

What Does an Itchy Left Hand Mean?

An itchy left hand means you will encounter financial problems. The left hand is symbolic of bad decisions, and whenever it starts to itch, you may begin to encounter financial struggles caused by your bad decisions.

This bad luck can come in the form of an unexpected bill for your car, house, or credit card debt. Some people also associate left hand itching with a downturn in the economy, like sudden changes in the stock market or unemployment rates.

Whether this proves true or not, the best thing to do to avoid struggling financially is always to be mindful of spending and refrain from purchasing something you don’t necessarily need.

What Does It Mean If Both Hands Itch at the Same Time?

If both your hand happen to itch at the same time, it gets tricky again since this can either mean something good or bad. It depends on how you interpret it.

Positively interpreting both hands itching means you have a balanced and over-active spiritual energy. It means you are giving and receiving the same amount of spiritual energy from the world.

On the other hand, both hands itching can also mean that your spiritual energy is troubled at the moment. You may be worried about something in your life that causes the imbalance.

Whenever there is an imbalance in your spiritual energy, the best thing to do is to spend time in meditation.

Origin of the Right Hand Itching Superstition

Origins of superstitions can be challenging to trace back to their roots because it mainly spreads through oral tradition. You would be surprised to know that most superstitious beliefs we have today started during ancient times.

The itching right hand superstition, in particular, is said to have begun during the pre-Christian era from the culture of the Saxons and Celts.

Back then, the remedy for an itching right hand was to rub it on silver, and eventually, this became a superstitious belief where an itching right hand is a sign that you will receive money.

Eventually, Roman fortunetellers adapted this superstition, and that now closely resembles our current version. In some cultures, people rub their itching right hand on wood instead to bring good luck.

Itching Hand for Men and Women

Cultures have different superstitious beliefs about itching hands for men and women.

For women, right hand itching indicates bad luck because it means they are about to lose money. Meanwhile, when men have itching right hands, they will attract wealth.

However, if it is a woman’s left hand is generally considered a positive sign.


Several things can cause an itching right hand, and their meaning can depend on which superstition you choose to believe. Some cultures say that an itching right hand is a good sign, while others say it is a bad omen.

If you’re unsure what it means for you, heed the warnings you have read in this article and look closely at what transpires whenever your hand starts to itch. By doing so, you’d be able to decide for yourself whether it is a good or bad thing.

Superstitions aside, if the itching continues for a prolonged period to the point of discomfort, you must seek medical assistance as it may be a symptom of an underlying allergic reaction or disease.

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Right Hand Itching: What Does It Mean for You? - Wealthy Nickel (2024)


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