D4342 Dental Code Description (2024)

You may use D4342 (select it from your dental billing system) for billing a patient on a dental procedure of Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing, One To Three Teeth, Per Quaddrant – Limited Lto 4 Quadrants During Any 12 Consectutive Months

Prior to initiating the billing process for the dental procedure associated with the D4342 Dental Code Dental Code, it is recommended that you engage in a meticulous review of other pertinent CDT codes. This proactive approach enables you to explore potential alternative dental procedure codes and make an informed selection that aligns most accurately with the precise procedure you are preparing to bill for, in this case the D4342 Dental Code Dental Code. This diligent cross-referencing not only ensures the billing’s precision but also contributes to a streamlined reimbursem*nt process, reducing the likelihood of discrepancies and facilitating efficient financial transactions related to the dental services rendered.

This comprehensive video presentation, which offers an extensive exploration of Dental Code 4342 and dental procedure codes, commonly known as CDT Codes. Within this video, you’ll not only find coverage of recent updates and revisions to these codes but also a deep dive into the crucial subject of ADA edits related to Dental Code 4342.This segment provides valuable insights into the regulatory and standardization aspects of these codes.
Furthermore, the presentation goes beyond and delves into the realm of carriers’ specific codes, granting you valuable insights into the diverse ways various insurance carriers employ and interpret these codes in the context of dental billing.
By dedicating time to view this video, you’ll acquire a comprehensive grasp of dental procedure coding, thereby bolstering your capacity to navigate this vital facet of the dental profession with confidence and expertise. Additionally, it will equip you with a better understanding of how to effectively utilize the Dental Code 4342 code that you are planning to use.

Dental Code 4342 Definition

What is Dental Code 4342?

Dental Code 4342 is defined in a dental billing codes (CDT Codes) for Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing, One To Three Teeth, Per Quaddrant – Limited Lto 4 Quadrants During Any 12 Consectutive Months

Dental Code 4342 Updates

The update frequency for Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes can vary, but typically, these codes are updated annually. The American Dental Association (ADA) is responsible for maintaining and revising the CDT codes including Dental Code 4342. They release updated versions of the CDT code set on an annual basis, usually around January 1st of each year. These updates may include the addition of new codes, revisions to existing codes, and deletions of obsolete codes.

It’s essential for dental professionals and billing staff to stay informed about these annual updates, as they can impact dental billing and coding practices such as Dental Code 4342. Keeping up-to-date with the latest CDT code changes ensures accurate and compliant dental claims processing and reimbursem*nt. Dental organizations, insurance companies, and billing software providers typically incorporate these annual updates into their systems to ensure compliance with the latest coding standards.

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D4342 Dental Code Description (2024)


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